Picture from an oil painting by Ronald Corry 1947 -1994
Keith Woodrow
A Lifetime In Pictures

Working in UK

With Volkswagen Colleagues With Volkswagen Colleagues

During my time at Volkswagen I made countless friends as pictured in these two records of trips to Germany.

Andy Peter and Me

This period involves the years up to 1977 when I left for The Gulf. This was a time of weddings [Blackwood & Rolls], learning how to behave in pubs, working at Lotus, British Leyland and Volkswagen.

Robbie's Wedding

This picture shows me with my friend Robbie on his wedding day. The wedding was a lovely event but look at my suit!

Malaga in 1973

Me partying in Malaga in 1973 at the launch
of the new Austin Allegro. Thank God I don't still dance like that.