Picture from an oil painting by Ronald Corry 1947 -1994
Keith Woodrow
A Lifetime In Pictures

Keith's Klassic Kards - the story

‘For many years I have created my own personalised Christmas and birthday cards for my friends. They are never signed and always carry the mark ‘Keith’s Klassic Kards'. For Christmas they are marked ‘Keith’s Klassic Kristmas Kards'. For those special friends who share my quirky sense of humour, a special Christmas card was created with an on-going [but obviously not completely true] story concerning my place of abode on the various Christmas seasons. Without the complete set, each new card doesn’t make much sense. For this reason, the on-going story is reproduced here in a PowerPoint presentation. Try a little research to find out which parts are actually true. To give you a start, the Rev. Pat Bumgardner really is the Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of New York but Sir Hartley-Bumgardner is a figment of my imagination.

No need to tell me I’m mad - I already know it. Next year’s card may be the last in the series unless...'

Keith’s Klassic Kristmas Kards 2013